Welcome to Sionis Healthcare one of the fastest growing networked Market Access agencies in the UK


Sionis is different because we recognise that the UK Pharma, Bio Tech and Healthcare Markets are more challenging than ever, this means that delivering your success demands more than a traditionally structured agency can deliver.

Transformative thinking based on in depth knowledge is the fundamental requirement of Innovative Market Access. Sionis work across multiple markets because understanding the whole picture informs wider insight while working with multiple networks provides a higher level of specialist expertise to incisively inform strategic direction and deliver success. 

Your success stems from the power of transformative thinking combined with unrivalled access to high value networks

The Sionis team have always been at the forefront of new thinking, constantly innovating to provide accelerated success for our clients and patients through incisive thought and strategic excellence. We are data driven and results focused. Your success stems from our strategic know how, delivery experience and network mobilisation.

The healthcare environment is currently more diverse and clinically and research determined than it ever has been. Given the burgeoning health demands of the UK and EMEA populations, the burden new pharmaceutical and device technologies place on existing and over stretched healthcare delivery models and the need to tailor services to local and NHSE Centre of Excellence needs, the pace of change is only likely to accelerate. Add to this new funding, assessment and specialist commissioning criteria and we are left with the conclusion that ours is one of the most challenging Market Access arenas in which to operate.

No single organisation can possibly hope to fully meet this challenge and remain cost effective, flexible and quick to achieve client expectation.
Therefore, when you work with Sionis you are also accessing one of the widest clinical, strategic, technical and commercial networks available which is variably resourced to your exact specification. Sionis realise that a network of high profile expertise is essential in providing confidential, properly targeted solutions that deliver success. Our way of working will deliver your accelerated route to success and define the future of Market Access practice.

Our Board

Our founding directors have over 40 years of combined experience of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. Almost all of this experience has been gained at the cutting edge of positive change, ours is a unique tradition of progress based on our inability to accept the mediocrity of the status quo and our belief that excellence is both achievable and worth every ounce of effort to realise.


Toby Gunner


Toby is a recognised industry thought leader responsible for originating product launch and Market Access strategies for many of the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies as well as emerging biotech, healthcare and digital organisations. Toby’s incisive analytical intellect and strategic business insight has steered many of todays market leading pharmaceutical products to their prominent position.

Toby was ‘first to market’ with partnership, integrated Health Innovation Models that continue to deliver vastly improved levels of patient engagement and experience and have provided our Industry, NHS and digital partners with evidenced strategies of how to achieve true, value based, service transformation. Toby has held several high profile, director level rolls within the pharmaceutical, contracts sales organisations and health consultancy sectors.

John Hale


Working with high level NHS and clinical organisations, Senior Director Level industry leaders as well as Local Government, John has been responsible for co-designing, delivering and managing large, national Health Innovation Programmes across the UK in a number of complex therapy areas. John has held divisional and regional Director level rolls in the Health Consultancy and Pharmaceutical Sectors.

He has been responsible for the successful development of NHS, Industry and Private sector service solutions, business and tender submissions. John has designed and lead a number of specialist commercial solutions and is the longest serving member of the Sionis team.